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Karen Willmore

Digital Ninja



"Changes in Latitudes" Lettering Project

As a graphic designer and photographer, so much of my work is in the digital world. I am hoping to use this lettering project as a spring board into the more organic world of pencils and paper. The designer in me LOVES beautiful fonts and typography, and I've been drooling over some of the hand-lettering work I've seen online, so this project seemed like a great fit. So here goes my first try at doing anything by hand (without my beloved Cmd-Z :-P). 

My Phrase: Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes 

Keyword Brainstorm:

Mood Board:

Lettering Styles (testing the waters...):

Thumbnail idea sketches:

First Rough Sketch (yep, there are a lot of eraser marks on this sucker):


Cleaned up & colored: 

I know the digital part of this process wasn't part of this class, but while I'm totally new to the analog end, I'm good on the digital end... so I played a bit :-)


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