My mood board is based on how I feel right now this particular week.  It's all about embracing change.

Change is fustrating, it leaves you lost, it leaves you exposed, it leaves you burnt out and with no where to go it seems like.  At the same time though, I am grateful for it and embrace it as I think about it over my morning coffee.  I have a lot of goals to accomplish now on this long road ahead and really only one way to go now.

SO, to explain a bit,  I just finished dropping out of college for the second time so I can focus on creating my own graphic design business.  At the same time, I'm quitting my current job in a kitchen to go do something more fulfilling before I am able to start running my business after I've learned the necessary skills for it.  I'm also traveling to Spain for an entire month to go on an adventure by myself.  It's a lot things that are great, but also at the same time, scary.  I have never been more excited though.


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