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Change world's optical scope

Project assessment

Design elements   Single points

                                  Lines   Straight  (horizontal, vertical)

                                  Curved  (regular circul)

                                  Heavy Lines, thin lines, dotted lines  (round shape/patern)

Design principals

I created an asymmetrical balance using different types of lines combine with points. This asymmetrical balance creates the visual Unity in my design  through the repetition.

I try to create two particular emphasis,  one with the vertical lines & points and another with the red cross line and the single red lines,  and make a  hierarchy game between them. 

The rhythm is express through the repetition of the single elements as lines & points. 

Design Message

The are so many kind of wars where the humanity is facing and living deeply every day around the world.  We are persons,  human beings who are living on the target.  We are different and unique in our special way. So, why do no are we change the world's optical scope and realize that "The good people, We are more".

Conceptual process



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