Change through Design: A Portfolio Page

The theme of my page is "change through design." I started out being interested in creative work - I thought I was going to be a graphic designer - and now work on a lot of education policy or nonprofit projects where I use design skills and ideas, but across a broad spectrum of applications. One week I might be editing a guide on involving young professionals, and the next I might be diving into news standards for our weekly national newsletter. 

Page hierarchy:

This is what the "Work" section will look like, with both the photos and the side descriptors linking to each project's page:

Each page has its own share buttons.

For testimonials, I'm going to collect quotations from previous supervisors and colleagues. Some might have headshots they won't mind sharing, and others I'll have to make graphic quoteboards from.

Finally, I want to try popovers. When you click on a picture or the person's name (similar page nav to before), you'll get this. I wanted to emphasize where to click out, since my biggest frustration is when leaving popovers isn't intuitive - especially for less tech-savvy users who will be visiting my page.

Thanks for any feedback you can give! (Also, I'd be grateful for any referrals of people who could help build this inexpensively - I have a design mind from print, but am not a web designer or developer.)


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