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Jill Jones

Story Producer



Change the World: Make a Social Issue Documentary

Hi everyone, 

I am marketing my first class about making a social issue documentary.

Link to class:

Steps taken to market class: 

Class merchandising, emailed close friends/family, offering class for free, posted on Twitter, posted on documentary listserv email list


Day 1: 8 enrollments. I know abou half of them. Clearly, I need to do the legwork to get the 25. I don't have a huge social media following, so this is going to be more begging family members than I had imagined. :) 

Day 2: 21 enrollments. Still begging the friends and fam, but happy to see that Skillshare students have been finding the class. Hopefully, tomorrow I can hit 25! Now that I'm finished with the work fo that class, it's been fun to check out more of other teachers' work. So much talent out there!

Day 6: I started a new job this week and it was tough to keep up with promotion. However, I think leaving my class for free has worked well. I'm at 84 followers. I'm considering leaving this class for free permanently as a magnet for new students. 

Day 7: Up to 99 students and two new projects. Yay! Seeing the projects has been the most rewarding part so far. :) Decided to switch it over to paid, just to see if that affects the numbers from going up or not. 

Let me know if you guys have any other ideas! Cheers!



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