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Change is guaranteed

A while ago, as I explored the universe of "Brain Pickings", I saw myself finishing "Fail safe", a text written by Debbie Millman herself, and thinking "Wow, things are about to change." 

From that moment on I thought a lot about myself and life and, finally, decided to change my career. I was a computer engineering student but now I am about to study things that I actually care for and love. Although the new path might seem rough sometimes I am prepared to stand up to whatever comes and struggle passionately.

So, in the last days I've tried to do some "visual storytelling" about these new changes, I also tried to use new materials and see whatever I could come up with. Here are some things, with love:

One day I walked into a shop and saw a little set of wooden stamps of all the letters, I fell in love real quickly. Unfortunately I couldn't afford it, and as I told this to a friend of mine she simply advised me to try to do my own stamps. So the next day I sat with some potatoes and my swiss knife and carved out my own abc-potatoe-stamps.


With them I stamped two texts: one is a fragment of an email Maria Popova* sent me answering a handwritten letter I had sent her: 

(most of all, so very glad to hear you've chosen to follow your heart - best of luck with whatever that path takes you, or, better yet, wherever you take it. I have no doubt it'll be someplace wonderful. //Maria) 

*Maria Popova is the creator of brain pickings. 

It has some grammar mistakes and the photo is not the best, but... :-)  

The second text is a fragment from a beloved book from a brasilian writer called "encontro marcado". Here I'll try to translate it from my mother language, portuguese:

"To make out of the interruption, a new path. To make out from the fall a dancing move, from the fear a stair, from the sleep a bridge, from the search an encounter." 

I also played with some letters and a sentence by Da Vinci "Experience will be my mistress" and in green it is written what he called himself "Discepolo di esperienza".

And finally, here's some modest play with thread: 

For now that's it, but I'm sure I'll keep on playing :-)


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