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Change Accounting

Hello fellow Treps!

I'm Shaun the founder the Change. I'll be using this Project Workspace according to how Seth invisioned this time. If you would like to know more about Change and our accounting agency just head on over to our landing page here

Let's get started!

3-5 sentence description of the business or brand we are marketing. 

Change mixes smart software with smarter in-house accountants to give entrepreneurs an interactive service that handles your financial headaches and allows you to keep your finger on the heartbeat of your business.

My 11 Questions:

1.) What is Marketing for? What does this department/function/budget exist to do?

  • Telling a clear story of who we are, what we have built, why we have built it and most importantly why the heck you should care about. 

2.) What are we allowed to touch?

  •  Anything and everything. Nothing is fixed as of right now.

3.) What can we as marketers measure?

  • Landing page – Measure unique visitors, conversation rates (Sign-ups), bounce rates.
  • Email campaign – How many emails are being opened, unsubscribe rates, No. of emails being shared with customer information.
  • Twitter – Growth of following, are these followers targeted, re-tweeting and favorites of message.
  • PR – Number of times we are mentioned by publications that cover our industry or are known to tell stories like ours.
  • Facebook – Fan growth, engagement, shares.
  • Blog – Views, engagement and shares of our content.

 4.) What can we change?

  • We can change what small business owners should expect from their accountant.
  • We can change the role an accountant plays within a small business. i.e moving away from the number-crunching and taking on more of a CFO role within the business.  Less looking in the rear view mirror and more looking what’s around the corner.
  • We can change the way people choose to interact with their accountants. Less playing phone tag and more chatting in real time via iphone app
  • We can change the way small business owners view their tax obligations. Not as complex as you may think if we have your data in real-time

5.) What promise’s are you going to making to small business owners?

  • A service that will help you make smarter financial decisions that benefit your business.
  • A way to answer the key questions you have right now. When do I run out of cash? Are my margins on target? What’s due to happen next week? What needs my attention right now? 
  • A more efficient and less stressful way to prepare and file your taxes.
  • A way to get a heads-up on potential financial pitfalls before they actually happen.
  • Jargon free insights into your business that you can actually use to take action with.
  • A way to have peace of mind and focus on running the business you love. Knowing that we have your back and always monitoring your business health.


6.) What’s the hard part?

  • Changing how Accountants are viewed. You know the boring-zombie, -comb-over-brown sweater vest wearing nerds.
  • Changing the way small business owners view accounting being a necessary evil. i.e. huge cost not very much up-side.
  • Customizing the application to each Tax governing body in each country to offer the tailored approach.
  • Having tailored alerts and insights for each industry so the information is as valuable as possible to the business owner.
  • Making people trust us enough so they can sign-up to our accounting and advisory service completely online.
  • Showing to business owners Change is good. Not to be scared of it and to embrace it. 

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To be continued - I needed this course so bad! 


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