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Change — Human-friendly Bookkeeping

Man, this has been a long time coming..

Firstly, thank you to EVERY single person who gave me feedback on this project. When I posted this, Change was nothing more than a logo and an idea, Skillshare gave me the momentum to actually do something about it.

In fact, I met my first Change client on this Skillshare course (Shout out to David from Death-to-Stock!)


So, 10 months ago I finally took the plunge and jumped into Change full-time, we now have 50+ clients and growth is going strong.

The Change service has pivoted a fair bit from the initial and extremely optimistic service offering. Once I started connecting to more and more creative entrepreneur's I started to discover the real issue at hand. Bookkeeping.

Change now prides itself on offering the most human-friendly bookkeeping service on the planet. We use a combo of homegrown tech tools + personal support from our in-house accountants to help entrepreneurs keep excellent track of their finances.

There's more info on our site HERE

But just to say a huge thank you to the Skillshare tribe I want to offer you 15% of any Change package for the first year, or if I can help out with a project in another way just get in touch. It would be my absolute pleasure!

It's really funny looking back and seeing how far we have come, but it's also amazing to remember how much love I got from the community. 

We need to truly embrace this!


Also, I sometimes get asked.. "What is the big Change vision?" or "Are you ever going to build your initial product?" and the answer is yes. Actually, HELL YES.  


I realised that building a financial hub for small businesses needs to start at the very core of the problem, which is bookkeeping. Because more businesses have a terrible bookkeeping service so we need to create freedom here first. Then we are moving onto the BIG idea. 

Here is a small video I did that outlines what I want to build, eventually. I don't share this too much as I am staying super focused on the product at hand. 

But this is Skillshare!


Hi fellow Treps!

Just go up a new landing page up!  Check it out and let me know what you think. A lot of the new wording and design was thanks to the great feeback I recieved from fellow Skillshare class mates. Thanks you so much!!!

Link to new landing page



Here is my idea for a new generation accounting agency. One that is not your fathers accountant but actually gets todays tech and social landscape.

We mix smart software with smarter in-house accountants to give you an interactive service that takes care your financial issues and questions.   

You didn’t start your business because you love matching receipts, reconciling accounts, and filing taxes. Surprise, surprise…

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Key Benefits:

One solution.  Everything you need to manage your business finances for one flat monthly fee, from company formation to year-end accounts, we’ll look after you!

99 problems, but accounting ain't one.  Get access to a full accounting back-office to handle whatever you need. And as much advice as you need from a team of experts; taxes, growth-hacks, or cool app tips — ask away!

We have an app for that.  We interviewed over 100+ small businesses to develop an app that solves your major pains — in the simplest way.  It syncs with your Xero and arms you with the tools and insight you need to thrive.

 Get back to being you.  You didn't start a business to be lost in financial statements. Simply put, businesses that are able to focus on their core mission are more likely to grow. Change gives that focus back.


Your Accountant. Re-imaged



Our app is designed to answer every day questions a business owner need answered inorder to make decisions and keep moving foward. 

  1. Can you play this bill for me?
  2. Can you remind this customer to pay?
  3. Can you do my tax return?
  4. When do I run out of cash?
  5. What is Profit margin and is it on track?
  6. Is my business healthy?
  7. What is due next week?

Key benefits of the app.

Business health alerts.  Imagine knowing you are in danger before its too late. Our app is always checking your data and identifying changes in your finances that you should be aware of.

  • Show trends that are forming.
  • Cash forecasting
  • Liquidity check-ups.


Taxes. All handled.  Ah, tax returns – the bane of small business owners everywhere. But now with a few clicks you can have them prepared, reviewed by an expert and filed on your behalf. Any issues come about and we'll handle the taxman for you.


Timely notifications.  Say good-bye to those late fees. We ensure nothing falls through the cracks by making sure you never miss a tax deadline, bill or invoice due date.  Our clear time line and email reminders let you know what is happening just around the corner.

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Our Name

I chose this name as is stands perfectly for what we are trying to do, get business owners to change the way they run their business for the better. I also wanted a name that had a money element to it.  Make Change.



The mantra is as follows.


Business Model

The business model will be accounting services as a subscription. Our customers will pay a fixed monthly fee to receive unlimited support from our full-service accounting agency, as well as the full functionality of the application.  There will be premium add-ons available as well.

I am currently thinking of what the best way to scale the packages e.g. what determines Bronze, Silver and Gold? I am currently thinking of basing it on a company’s turnover. i.e. (0-250k), (250-500k), (500-1m+) just as companies with higher turner usually have more complex questions that need answering

 What you guys think? What seems fair? 

In addition:

  • All customers will be given a unique email address ([email protected]) so that you can forward all invoices, receipts and bills to us, and we will get them uploaded into accounting software for you, I think you probably have better things to do.
  •  Also, The chat feature will work a lot like Campfire Chat or Facebook. Were you can make status updates and have your accountant team comment on them and vice versa; you can just as easily add people to the discussion. i.e. business partners or in-house bookkeepers – I believe this is more stream-lined then email.

 What features above get you excited? What would be your top 4 fav?

Thanks in advance for all the awesome feedback!

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***Just Received some great advice from the man Seth himself. 


Full Feed back from Seth.

What's the worldview most businesses associate with accounting? I think it's, "unavoidable expense, all risk, no upside."In that world, you pick someone safe.

You're not trying to reinvent accounting, I think, because that's too hard. I think you're trying to invent a new kind kind of CFO, a numbers-based growth hacker who doesn't solve your "accountant problem" but instead solves your "how do I use cash and insight to grow this business" problem.

If your story matches a worldview, it's a whole lot easier to sell.



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