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Ardwin Hernandez

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"Chance favors the connected mind" by Seth Godin

Hey there! I finally decided to do this project! it was the first class I took on Skillshare and that was in early 2014... Yeah I know, procastination in another level. But I decided to practice my lettering to get better and here I am! I decided to illustrate a quote by Seth Godin that says "Chance favors the connected mind".

This means that we are living in the Connection Economy and when more connections you make, the more suscessfull you will become. It's not about the money anymore, its about sharing and caring.

1. Inspirations


2. Moodboards


3. Thumbnails


4. sketches



5. Inked Images


6. Final image


And this is my final result. I feel pretty satisfied with it and I'll be working on the next class right away to create a new piece and digitize it! thanks Mary Kate for this awesome class! I followed you since 2014 but now I decided to get serious with this skill and I'll practice everyday to become better! :D


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