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I had previously done a chameleon logo that I wished to recreate, so I figured this class would be perfect. I started with some sketches based off of some source images. I wanted the logo to be fun and simple, while retaining a shape that resembles a chameleon. 

After choosing a starting point (upper left sketch), I imported it into illustrator and came up with a rough outline. I went ahead and tried something a little different with the leg once it was in illustrator. The previous leg concept wasn't exactly flowing to my liking. 

From this point I had a go at gridding it out. This was my first attempt at gridding a logo, and I found it both engaging and beneficial. At each intersection I placed and "X" which helped a great deal when it came to trimming and sewing the paths. For the tail, I used blue guides for the outer portion, and orange for the inner portion to help distinguish which was which.

After I had trimmed and sewn the remaining paths, I deleted the rest of the grid and this is what remained. It came out nicer than I had expected! I went ahead and filled it in solid. 

I added some final details to the spine by using a custom scater brush, ensuring each oval was the same. I know for logos it isn't necessarily a great idea to use gradients, but I just felt like having a little fun with it. I hope you all enjoyed my process!  


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