Chameleon, parrot and a schefflera tree

Chameleon, parrot and a schefflera tree - student project

I did a tropical twist on this class’s prompt because I really wanted to draw a chameleon! So I gave him a parrot buddy and a schefflera tree to live in! 


This took me hours and hours to do, way more than the first class and I’m really quite miffed at the streaky paint (I am using Himi jelly gouache which I don’t think I can recommend) for the background. Perhaps I can do another coat to try and improve that? I think it’s time for bed and I’ll look with fresh eyes tomorrow. 


Results wise, I think I’m actually making progress and being braver with imaginary, decorative elements but again, I need to step away and look at it tomorrow as I’m too close to know how it turned out ha! 


Edited on 2nd January 2021 to include another piece I’be just completed using these techniques: 

Chameleon, parrot and a schefflera tree - image 1 - student project


By Jove, I think I’ve got it!  This is much closer to the style that Kate so masterfully demonstrated in this fabulous class. I am super thrilled with my second attempt. It was a wonderfully meditative painting process to the degree that I wasn’t really aware of consciously making the decision on where to place what mark. It was a joyful few hours - thanks again Kate; I love your work and you are a fantastic teacher.