Challenging, But Necessary Exercise

Challenging, But Necessary Exercise - student project

New nap time strategy for the kids, new painting exploration for me.  Scary on all counts.

So I started playing with big shapes and the colors that I normally gravitate toward.  Then I started working on the next stage.  I am desperately trying to just play around and not think of coming up with anything in particular.  It is SO HARD!!!  I am not used to working this way, but the awkwardness is good.  I’m at a stage where I’m getting kind of stuck, and nap time is nearing an end, so I’m going to quit right here.  Hopefully I will come back to this.

Challenging, But Necessary Exercise - image 1 - student project


UPDATE:  Finally let go of trying to get something perfect and went with a few ideas that started popping into my head.  Lo and behold, this is what happened:

Challenging, But Necessary Exercise - image 2 - student project


A window box with a leaky hose!  Who knew?  I definitely need to do A LOT more of this kind of exercise.  The leaky hose idea actually came about because I dripped some paint on the paper by accident.  I decided to follow the happy accident, and everything else followed.  Not easily, mind you, but it followed.

Lisa Goss
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