Challenged to my first spot illustration

Challenged to my first spot illustration - student project

Hello everyone!

Today I would like to share with you the work I've done through this class in order to create my first spot illustrations. I love conceptualizing art and incorporating double meanings to my designs, so I figured that editorial illustration could be a good project for me to focus my learning on.

My biggest challenges was to simplify my drawings (I love to put way too much details!) and finding my own personalized style.

The brainstorming was a really interesting thought process with my topic being something I love and know: Prepare for a backpacking trip.

I started with some obvious gear needed for a trip:Challenged to my first spot illustration - image 1 - student project

I then worked through a lot of trials and errors to find colors I liked and a style and textures that felt unique and in harmony with my style. I liked the repeating patterns in the background that gave a unique look and tied all the images together. Let me know if you think it adds to the illustration or if it's too busy!

Challenged to my first spot illustration - image 2 - student project

I then moved on to some concepts and ended up choosing those four.

1. Finding a flight without a headache : Idea of the traditional cartoonish "birds circling around the head" to represent the headache part, but putting planes instead of birds.

2. Don't overpack! : Simple but effective, exhausted guy that can't pull up his backpack because it is too heavy.

3. Plan a budget: I had the idea of combining the iconic piggy bank with images of a pork cuts to represent the different sections of the budget. Then I gave it some hiking booties because... why not!!

4. Picking a destination: I was thinking about throwing a dart to a map (which I kind of always wanted to do!) and put it on a globe to make it more visually interesting.Challenged to my first spot illustration - image 3 - student project

I then applied myself to make it in the same style as the first spot illustrations:Challenged to my first spot illustration - image 4 - student project

And then to really visualize my artwork I put it in a nice magazine mockup:

Challenged to my first spot illustration - image 5 - student project

There it is! It was a lot of work but I am fairly happy about the results!

I would really appreciate any kind of comments or advice on how to get my spot illustrations even better!

Thank you for partaking in my artsy journey and stay creative xx

P.S. Just for your info I am stuck in Vietnam without any fancy gear, just a phone and computer so it limits myself in terms of designing but it's possible to make the most out of it!