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During my trips I like to take pictures of shops' labels.... Here I posted just some of them... Personally I don't like all of them, but I found intersting to take a look around me :)

And here is my kernerl exercise... after a score of 79 /100 ;)

I used two different fonts.... Canter and Railway... 

And during Halloween night... Letters come true ^_^

...This is my first "work" like it would be a pleasure for me if you can help to make it better :)

My idea was to make a tree with the words... the A seems the star that usually I put on the top of the Xmas tree, "merry" is thin like the pine needle, "MERRY" is like the trunk of the tree and Christams would recall all the decorations... I hope I visualized a little bit my idea... 

 Feel free to comment and say what and where I can improve... if I'm able ^_^

Another version... every comment and help is welcome ^_^

I started with this... 

and I tried to do it better with a background... 


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