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Challenge: Party at Midnight


Refined my textures. This is my final piece. I love it. I really enjoyed this class and this project. Thanks Brad for being a great teacher.



I'm so excited for this class I've been thinking about it ever since I found it and put it on my watch list now i'm taking it. I wanted to create a piece for the Halloween Contest so I decided to take the theme loud and go from there. 

Here is my word list. Excuse the doodles.

My concept was a party. So I had the children have a big monster party in their room and the dad downstairs wondering what's going on.

Any comments/critique welcome. I'm excited to start the next part.

I've outlined my illustration now I'm going to add the different color variations and see which one I like best.

I started messing around with my color palatte.  I wanted bright, bold colors because I thought that would stand out and capture the viewer's attention. Here are the three that I did. Of course the white is the color of the paper.

I'm torn with which color palette to use. As always comments and criticism welcome :0) I'm having so much fun.

I like the first color palette and decided to put some texture on it. I'm most likely going to redo it. But i love where it's going so far. 

I had fun playing around with the textures but I decided to go back and add on to the illustration. I added more details. I'm going to put the texture in next. So excited with everything. This pleases me.

I started to get a little heavy with the textures..


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