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Challenge! In the Dead of Night

"In The Dead Of Night"

I love Halloween and I wanted to make something really challenging for my submission. I decided to make a Phenakistoscope based on Bram Stokers Dracula. In the story, Dracula can transform from a really large dog into his undead self. I knew I wanted to animate a boy running away from the ferocious dog but in order to challenge myself further I decided to make a dog to dracula transformation in 12 frames. I think I went a little crazy with the textures. I had so much fun, anxiety, frustration and now elation after completing this project. Thanks Brad for all those tutorials because I went through them a million times.

I wanted to write out the essential "firsts" of this project:

1. First full Illustration in Illustrator

2. First Phenakistoscope

3. First running sequence animation of a child and an animal

4. First time drawing Dracula in a turtle neck

5. First time taking almost a month on an Illustration.

Any suggestions or comments are greatly appreciated.

ps. one of my colors was "666666"

Here is the wheel in action:


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