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Challenge: Forever Halloween Rings

I wanted to focus on a childhood memory of Halloween for me. I narrowed it done to 3.

  • Going to the store and seeing the walls and walls of crazy halloween masks that my mom would never buy me.
  • Those halloween plastic rings that you would sometimes get in your trick or treat bag.
  • And I also remember people always telling me that you should take apples because they could have razorblades in them (Am I the only one that this traumatized as a small child?)

After sketching some ideas down for each one, I then decided to do a poster on the Halloween rings!

I wanted to show them off but on some zombie like arms, I tried to use some of the negiative white space to show some other hands coming in, but the idea never really flushed out for me. 

Here is the final artwork! Loved working on this.

Thanks to Brad for this course, learned a ton!


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