Challenge #1 & #2

Challenge #1 & #2 - student project

Fifteen identities



journal maker

proudly introverted

urban hiker/trekker

lover of Japanese paper

“haijin” or haiku writer

Jack Kerouac fan



digital artist (of sorts)


water person

nature person

thinker/ thought-full


Forty things only a“haijin” or haiku poet would understand

  1. who is Basho
  2. go to the pine to know the pine
  3. the frog that jumped into the pond - splash
  4. 5-7-5 syllables NOT! (real haiku poets don’t write 5-7-5)
  5. white space
  6. juxtapositions (the jux of the matter)
  7. what’s not said says more than what’s said
  8. counting syllables on one’s fingers (amateur)
  9. not admitting you’re a poet of any kind (weird looks from the normal people), let alone you write haiku
  10. listening to the wind in the trees (the wind in the tree, yes, but it might be the poet in the tree, too)
  11. noticing the little things in life (haiku is a little poem after all)
  12. paying attention to bugs, insects, butterflies, moths, flowers, weeds
  13. picking up feathers and pebbles
  14. feathers and pebbles in the washing machine because you forget to empty your pockets 
  15. spacing out in a crowd because you’re writing a poem in your head
  16. walking out in the path of cars because you’re writing a poem in your head
  17. knowing the identity of a bird by its call
  18. getting angry/sad over endangered species
  19. siding with the hunted instead of the hunter
  20. letting the cat have the best pillow on the bed because, well, because
  21. liking the physical feel of a book
  22. little snippets of paper around the house with fragments of poems on them
  23. fragments of poems on restaurant napkins
  24. having a journal but always forgetting it
  25. writing the best poem in the whole world when you’re out for a walk and then forgetting it - but remembering it was the best poem in the whole world and would probably have gotten you a Pushcart nomination
  26. what is a Pushcart prize
  27. waking up in the middle of the night from a dream where you wrote the best poem in the world and being too lazy to get out of bed to write it down
  28. when your pen runs out of ink mid-poem
  29. when your cell runs out of batteries mid-poem (notes feature)
  30. when your iPad runs out of batteries mid-poem (you get the point)
  31. when you can’t find anything to write on
  32. cherry blossoms
  33. wabi-sabi
  34. haibun, haiga, hokku, tanka
  35. the joke “tanka-very-much”
  36. when poets/journalists are imprisoned for what they write - the injustice of it 
  37. the power of written words
  38. the power of poetry
  39. the little things in life are more important than the big things - yeah, it’s true, so there
  40. hanging out with the twitter/instagram poets (yeah, there are such beings) rather than going to a bar or to a party

Twitter: @mariannpaul, Instagram: @ms.haiku