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Chalkboard in the kitchen

Hi all! I'm very excited with this class. I wanted to have my own chalkboard for long time, and when I saw this class I realized that I must do it now!
I made some attempts to make paint for chalkboard by my own because I doubt that I can find professional paint. My attempts were miserable :) But I think I made it wrong. Then I started searching and found professional paint. It costs little more then $10 here in Russia, but I bought it anyway :) It should be great!
It was hard for me to find the wall in my house where this board will not disturb anyone and where nothing on the wall already. I found some space in the kitchen. I decided to not paint all the wall and just make an area with paint. I decided to make in a some kind of label shape. I searched in Internet and found some nice shapes. Then I draw this shape in large scale on my wall with pencil and cut wallpaper with my sharp knife for paper. I removed wallpaper and wash the wall. I should wait some time to make my board ready for using, on my paint written that I should wait a week before using board. I think I can participate in challenge anyway, maybe I miss few deadlines. Anyway I want to start sketching tomorrow. I think the phrase should be about food or about vegetarians because I'm vegetarian. Something funny about power of vegetables!
Here the photo of my paint and my wall in process (looks little ugly for now). I hope my board will be huge anough to have real fun! It was hard to wash it so I think it should be good size.



UPDATE 03.07.2015

Hey! Here my black blackboard! I can't make beautiful photo with other elements of the kithen, but I think that on the kitchen it looks beautiful. It is a first layer, now I'm gonna make second.


And here few sketches as well. I have no time now, I'm going on a trip for weekend, so sketches are really fast, I were thinking about them in the morning but not spend much time for realizing my ideas.









I like first one and last one. And what about you?

Maybe I spend much time on holidays with my sketchbook and make better sketches. I like the ideas to add some doodles of funny vegetables :)

PS: I'm not sure if I speak english right and that I don't miss something in my lettering, but I hope you don't bother :)

UPDATE 08.07.2015

Hello! Unfortunately I must wait for few days more to use my chalkboard on the kitchen. As I said before it needs a week to be ready for using. I think that now my board can be used but I scared, because I made paint by my own and it scratched away when I draw something :) Now I want to do all my best to avoid any troubles.

To make some updates for my project I show you my poor chalkboard that I can use only one time :) Anyway it was cool!

I can't wait to start drawing on my good board!



Also I have a lot of paint after I painted my part of wall on the kitchen, I think I can open chalkboard factory! At the weekend I bought some frames in IKEA and made little chalkboards for some notes or doodles. I just removed the glass and paint carton with chalkboard paint. I was not so scared to screw up this boards so I try to use my chalks on one of them. It works good. I bought expensive chalk (expensive for chalks, they are all not very expensive) and they are softer. Not sure if cheep chalk will not screw this carton chalkboards.


And as I lose my patience and can't wait to go and draw on a big chalkboard, I made my sketch in this beautiful and detailed way, used Lauren's good advices. On a chalkboard it should have much less details I think, but I may use letters and shapes basically.


Soon my board would be ready and I'll make my updates.

UPDATE 13.07.2015

Hi! Here the rest of my projects, I'm only upload all the photos.






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