Chairport - Share your seat (photos)

I have two ideas. Which do you think is better?

Idea 1: Chairport-------------------------------------------------------------

Are you a purveyor of fine seating? Do you want to share photos / keep a record of where your derrière has been parked with fellow chair enthusiasts? Do you want your friends to know '(insert your name) was here' while avoid vandalizing public property? Then this might be the app for you.

Note: The clever lower case 'H' on the logo has been done before by Chair Entertainment Group. I'm "borrowing" the idea.

Idea 2: Ass Poll-------------------------------------------------------------

This app would be similar to the FML website where people complain about life events and poor decisions. However, this app would feature image/text posts by anonymous users calling out anonymous a-hole encounters to help its users vent. This also serves as a manners/etiquette guidebook by showing the audience samples of bad behavior. Here are some samples of deserving posts:

  • Is your middle-manager stealing credit for your work?
  • Did someone stiff you on your hard-earned tip and wrote a nasty note?
  • Did someone on a bike almost clip you as you walked through a crosswalk because they didn't want to spend the energy to brake on red light?
  • Did your significant other buy you an anniversary gift that you didn't like so you could pass it off to him/her?
  • Do your children secretly drop f-bombs at you on Twitter because the iPad you bought as their Christmas gift wasn't the right color?

Posts can be upvoted for being 'definitely an a-hole' or downvoted for 'maybe that was a misunderstanding'. Votes amount to anonymouse a-hole of the week, of the month and of the year awards.

Note: This idea was inspired by the recent story of an Applebee's waitress getting fired after posting a reciept with an a-hole-ish note from a pastor. The waitress was fired because the photo she shared showed the a-hole's signature, which is a big privacy no-no.


Project links-------------------------------------------------------------

GitHub: https://github.com/choklates/omrails
Heroku: http://aqueous-ridge-4585.herokuapp.com/


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