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Chain - "Support"


This is JSNJAY and I'm going to be posting another example project here on this page. Because of the format of Skillshare only having 1 project per course I did this as a way to get the ball rolling and show you guys an easy process of getting started.


Chosen Word: Chain

Brainstorming - Idea Map



Playing - Going to be creating letters using the Everyday Object of a Chain.

Idea - From my brainstorming I got to this idea of strong links and overall support. Over the past week I'v noticed an overwhelming response to this class and all with positive support.

The idea is to show the word "Support" through the object of a chain. Then Remix it in the next steps.
Here are my letters I made.






In this section I will take my letters and remix them with another font using "Font Remixing"

Vectorized letter using the adobe shape App on iPhone.



Typography Poster


Object Chain

For this project I broke my own rules a little bit. I found that the vectored version of the letters were so strong that trying to remix it with another font was conflicting and not as Strong. Using the chain this kinda makes sense, its a strong, metallic, link thats durable.

The idea/concept is that since releasing this Skillshare course I have had an overwhelming outreach of support and positive feedback from my peers and family. So I wanted to illustrate that using an everyday object - Chain and make this example project for everyone in my class to see another process for these project.

Landscape Format


Instagram Format



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