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Chadmark Farms

Every week, I ride my bike down to the farm stand near my house.  it's one of my favorite things to do on my day off.  The produce is all organic and pesticide-free and the people who work the stand are all super nice and down to earth.

Last week, when I rode over, I noticed some juices in the corner of the stand that sounded delish (zinfandel juice and apple pomegranate?  yes please), but the signage and labeling could use a little help.  Not that it's terrible by any means, but I thought it would be a good exercise to try and rebrand the juice bottles.

I took some photos of the stand to give everyone an idea of what it looks like.  You can see the juices in the bottom photo:

Pardon the poor photo quality.  I was in stealth mode trying to sneak pics with my iPhone. ;)

A few things I noted about the juice bottles that will need to play into my design:

1. The bottles sit in a bucket of ice, so the label would need to be waterproof.

2. The current bottles are plastic with a plastic safety cap.  I'm wondering if there is a more sustainable solution here?

3. Some of the bottles have a custom label per each flavor of juice and some are a plain bottle with a vry small flavor label (you can see that those are the ones with the red caps).  I'd like to find a way to make them more consistent.

I put together a little mood board of the direction I'm heading with this. 

I'd like to include main colors of orange, green, black, and kraft (or tan) to evoke the colors you'd find in an orchard.

Because it's a very small local farm, I'd like to keep the main elements of the piece very hand-drawn, with the secondary information more structured looking.  I'd also like to include the place it was made, as the current labels don't show that information, and I think is so important.

My initial thought was to design a kind of label tape that could be ordered in a roll and each label torn off and put on a plain bottle.  The juice flavors would be indicated on the tape maybe with check boxes below them so that the flavor could be marked off, but there wouldn't be a need to print up a bunch of different lables.

I'm working on some sketches and will be uploading those soon, but any feedback on the initial concept would be great. Thanks!


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