Chaco Canyon Gold

Chaco Canyon Gold - student project

So there's a brewing company in town that has DELICIOS beer but amazingly terrible branding.

Seriously. Here's their current logo:

Chaco Canyon Gold - image 1 - student project

(it says 'since 1990' and I swear it hasn't been changed since then...)

I thought I'd try my hand at redesigning one of their iconic beers: Chaco Canyon Gold. Here's the way the bottle looks currently:

Chaco Canyon Gold - image 2 - student project

The beer is brewed with a bit of Nebraska honey and has an all-American feel to it, so I feel that the colors should be warm and evoke the mystery of a cowboy. The current logo lacks any feeling of mdoern design. There's too much going on and just reads "tacky small town" to me. So I want to change it!

Here's my inspiration board:

Chaco Canyon Gold - image 3 - student project

Sketches to come!



Life is crazy and I'm hoping to be able to make more time for this soon! Here are so preliminary sketches, playing with the cowboy feel:

Chaco Canyon Gold - image 4 - student project


Hey! If you're giving feedback on my project, thank you! I haven't had the time to update it for a few weeks but I still plan on doing so here soon! Thanks for your patience!

Kaylee Koenig

Owner at Kaylee Koenig Productions