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Khara Woods

Graphic Designer



C'est la Cata!


I spent some time in France with a friend who is a native of the Rhone Alps region. This project is inspired by her teaching me French and often using the phrase "C'est la Cata!": "Cata" being short for catastrophie or catastrophe in French.


Mood Board

Additional Reference Images

My friend loved to cross-stitch in her spare time. I think it would add nice decoration to the piece and it adds sentimental value. Win-win.

Color Palette

These colors are inspired by images I collected for my mood board. They defintely have a retro vibe. I'm not sure if there's enough contrast, pizzaz to my choices. Choosing colors for me is always difficult. I'd love some suggestions! My favorites so far are options 2 and 4. But perhaps Option 2 "Le Bain" is too calm for the nature of the phrase I'm highlighting "C'est la Cata." I have some thiniking to do!

Here are the colors up close and mingling with one another.

Collecting My Thoughts

Here's a link to my pinterest board. I'll continue to update it during this stage until I have a clear direction to follow.


I'm working on sketching now. I plan to sketch until my hands bleed. Here's the first round of my sketch warm-up of just the word "C'est".

I think so far, I like the script "C'est" in the bottom left corner and I love the folksy fancy serif at the top in the middle. I think it fits in with my intended direction. I still have a ways to go. Just the beginning. 

Here's more exploration with my practice word "C'est":

I'm having trouble with spacing my letters, especially when I want to add some funky detail like a block shadow. 

Visual List

These images naturally go with my concept. I want to incorporate some of them in joined with my phrase. Great idea from fellow classmate Sharon S.


I have completed my very rough thumbnail sketches. I'm not the best drawer/illustrator in the world, but I hope I'm communicating my idea well enough. I'm almost ready to pick my favorites out of this bunch and do some tight sketching. 

My mind started floating off a bit with this one, above. My initials have nothing to do with this project.


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