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C'est Le Vin = This is genuine a wine

Introduce my self

Hi! This is Natsuyo Ozawa.
I'm japanese. but now I live in Taiwan and studying
at university for get degree to work abroad after graduate.
Though I had experience that work as graphic designer in Tokyo for 6 years.
So in Taiwan also use my skill to help my friend company.

About this project
Now I helping my friend wine import company branding.
though I actually don't have much experience for branding.
My most design experience is editorial for catalogue or magazine.

C'est Le Vin FB page


"C'est Le Vin" means "This is a wine" in french.
The owner has very big passion for a wine.
and she had work on one Taiwanese wine import company,
however that company's wine management is not good.
(She said wine is quite delicate to temperature)
Then She couldn't stand the way to manage wine in that company.
So she established own wine company witch can provide reliable taste.

In Taiwanese alcohol market, wine has not big share yet,
and less wine import company which provide nice organic wine
with perfect temperature management.
So C'est Le Vin provide genuine taste organic wine to Taiwanese
and someone know what is a real organic wine.

Honesty: C'est Le Vin provide genuine natural wine,
       under the strict temperature management
       and selected by owner.
Natural:  Because ""natural wine" is quite loosely-defined term.
       Natural farming and additive-free is different.
       and additive-free is not equal as high quality wine.
       C'est Le Vin will provide those information to customer honestly.

C'est Le Vin will be the door for the customer
to in to deep and fun wine world.

Open: C'est Le Vin accept variety customer tast.
Warm: Customer will feel C'est Le Vin is warm humanity company.
Honesty: Whatever good or bad information
                C'est Le Vin will tell customer what is truth about the wine.

C'est Le Vin will help you to find genuine your tast wine.


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