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Ceramic Artist's Fanbase

I have nothing to do with marketing. I am familiar with the most common social media, as the next guy. However, I am currently trying to maintain the facebook page of a very close relative of mine, Maria. She is a ceramist, she wants to have a digital presence on facebook to display her work, inform her audiences about forthcoming exhibitions and keep a communication "line" open with current and prospect buyers (galleries and individuals) but she is just not willing to spend time on a computer screen. That's where I get in the picture.

I have been trying to maintain this page ( http://www.facebook.com/pages/Maria-Lalaouni-Ceramics/186615991395899 ) for quite a long time now by doing only sporadic posts once in a month or two. I know this is not the way to manage a facebook page, which is why I enrolled in this class. I think that I could use all the automated features facebook offers and every piece of expert advice I could get. It would be really great if there was a way to make Maria get involved with this by adding spontaneous content while she works on her studio, but without any computer involved.

Some very efficient facebook pages on ceramic art and home decoration:




My future plans regarding this page:

Make Maria get involved by adding "spontaneous" content through her smartphone, fine-tune visuals (logos, cover photo, etc), expand to other social media that can be infused to the page (tumblr, pinterest), experiment with applications, maintain a regular "flow"of content/posts and launch a campaign regarding Maria's next exhibition this summer.


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