Lindsay Hartwell

Graphic Designer



Central Tacoma

There are some places nearby that are represented in this motif. I chose purple to tie everything together and plan on sleeping on this and editing it later. So, you can call this version 1.


This is version 2. Just seeing if changing the background color makes it better. 

I plan on doing a walk about so I can add a little more detail to the motif. I might have to get more creative on the next attempt, but for a first try and 3 months of not using illustrator... I'm pretty proud of myself. 

These were my inspiration...




And this place has a t-shirt in their shop that inspired the ice cream cone. I love their logo so much, but that Tacoma Dome ice cream cone t-shirt is pretty cool!


My first version I did in about how long it takes to watch the videos while watching the videos. It was definitely scratch work. Here's my final composition. I will be taking the logos off to submit the image as a print. I'm in love with it. I incorporated the Tacoma Dome, the Narrows Bridge (can you find it), the trees and overcast, Point Defiance, UWT, coffee (so much coffee), the rose gardens, and a couple favorite businesses. I really like this version, but prefer it as a single poster print. Anyhow, without further ado.



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