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Amber Cunningham

Graphic Designer



Celtic Chameleon

This idea came to me after trying to figure out how to incorporate Irish/Celtic symbols into an animal portrait. I had originally wanted to use a chicken, making this restaurant into an Irish breakfast nook, but I couldn't get away from the Celtic spiral symbol. I just wasn't going to be satisfied without it!

Though the chameleon has nothing to do with Irish culture, it is a symbol of constant change, so I decided to roll with this modern thought. Thus, Celtic Chameleon was born.


I started with sketching out a quick idea board. Since I knew I wanted to use the spiral, it was pretty easy to figure out. I did a Google image search for "chameleon logos" and ruled out some styles.


And here he is! I've been trying to steer away from doing so much linework in my logo design, but look at how adorable. He perfectly represents the Gestalt principle of continuation.


I set him against a green circle as well. Always good to mix it up within a brand.


Added the restaurant name and a similar design element to ground and connect...


and set him in that circle once again for a vertical-set logo.

I had so much fun with this project! Such a great learning experience. Thanks, Dominic!


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