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Cellar Door

This project is overlapping with a project I am doing for a monthly ConceptKicks x Mesh01 competition. The theme for the project is Time Travel. I chose my favorite movie, Donnie Darko, as the inspiration for my time travel inspired shoe.

My target consumer is Donnie himself, so I designed the shoe to help him navigate his way through his journey to discover the secrets behind the end of his world.

Since Donnie does not have a license, his primary means of conveyance is his bicycle. My design is meant to be a casual biking shoe that is comfortable enough to sustain his sleep walking habits. I tied 80's culture in with classical footwear design to fit in with the style of the time. The colors and materials are inspired by the tone of the film.

My sketches show that I am planning on an elastic band system to lock the laces down and keep them out of the bike gears. I am also combining a classic cupsole with a visible phylon heel cushion. I’m planning on having a leather mudguard to make the shoe more durable, with a canvas upper to allow breathability without stretching out of shape. I want the design to have a mostly neutral color blocking, with a contrasting color pop on the elastic band and the phylon heel. 

Here are a couple quick renders of what I'm thinking right now. I prefer the top design, but I believe that with some adjustents the second one will look less like a skate shoe. The second one is a little too geometric as well.

I taped up a last to get a rough feel of proportions for the upper. I still haven't decided upon how many eyestays I want, and I'm still playing with where I want the mudguard to lay on the foot. 

Elastic band wraps over the foot to hold the laces down, keeping them away from the gears. A phylon heel lets Donnie sleepwalk comfortably. Herringbone gum rubber on the forefoot for gripping the bike pedals. Personal D2 branding in the arch. 

I won the competition this design was for. 



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