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I actually already had something started from months ago that I decided to dig up and work with when I found this skillshare class.I couldn't find my original sketches (lord knows they're probably in a giant stack of paper somewhere) so this is all I have.


I started with my name slanted.. I used a Pentel brush pen (my favorite), it dries up so you have to dip it into water and then squeeze out the ink to help it flow, but it's refillable which I like and is a little bit like using a paint brush.

My vector points could use some work, but I think this is something that comes with experience rather than trying to perfect one specific project. They are tricky at first, but I appreciate all the little tips Matt gave and will definitely be keeping them in mind for future vectoring.


This is my final piece. I like it quite a bit! I used a custom brush in Photoshop to create a 'splattered' look. It kind of reminds me of marble as well..


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