Celestial Song scene

Celestial Song scene - student project

This is a scene with the two main characters from one of the things I want to write at some point, called Celestial Song. It's 215 words, I'm sorry it's over the limit. 


“You didn’t, did you? Not really?”

Evren didn't look at him. Aurelio waited another moment, then set his lyre down on his lap. 

“It’s… better than last time.”

Aurelio looked up. His sad smile broke Evren’s heart. 

“No, really. I mean it,” Evren said.

“But you didn’t actually like it.”

Evren looked away. “I’m… hard to please.” He ran his fingers through his hair, and adjusted his glasses. “I’m a professional.” And I was too harsh last time. It had nothing to do with you, or your song, and I… I’m… 

“I’m an adult, Evren.” 

Evren looked up.

“I can handle it. I… I want to get better at this. I want to… someday, I want to impress you.” 

As if realizing what he’d just said, Aurelio looked away. “I… that is…”

Evren smiled slightly. “Don’t worry. You have.” He saw Aurelio gasp slightly. “You’ve been trying so hard, and you’ve already improved so much.”  He thought of the times when he’d first arrived there, when he’d flop down in his room, tired out of his mind, only for Aurelio to burst through the door with his lyre. Why hadn’t he noticed? Aurelio had never had anyone actually listen to him before. He needed Evren.

Evren knew he needed to make this right.