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Celebrations of Nature

Hi everyone!

I've been super excited for this lesson and the follow-ups to it too!!

So here's my progress to this class from research to final product.

My moodboard came from a few photos, one of my own and two from the internet.

Now it's come to the end of my project I really don't like my colour palette, there's some beautiful colours but not very many that actually go together. So if I was to do this project again that is something I certainly would take more time over.


Next are my drawings. They were VERY quick one's - most done when I was just on the phone so not much time went into my drawings but I tried not think about it too much, to keep the design more 'free'.

I didn't even end up using most of the drawings!!


Then came Illustrator! 


And finally - my final repeat!


Thanks for taking the time to look at my project and thank you Bonnie so much for the class!

I'm excited to start the next one.

Please feel free to leave any comments of feedback you may have.


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