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Celebrating Picnics the Victorian Way

I started off by gathering ideas for my design and I did that by thinking up words that were related to Picnics and as I went on, I narrowed down and chose three words/areas that I liked the most and started building up on my choices. I have decided that I am going to combine three elements into my project design.

Words speak a lot and they mean a lot and which was why after working on more brainstorming and periods of thought, I decided to add to what I had worked on before and update my concepts and words. 

Time is something that I consider essential to my theme because this essentially affects most of the elements when it comes to the theme of Picnics. Times have changed and so has design, patterns, pallettes, items. After much thought, I realized that I needed to make sure that my design be centered around a specific time / period so so that I could place myself within a boundary and not be tempted to be carried away by the wonderful advancements that time has brought upon all of us. 

Time Period: Victorian Era. I have chosen this period of time because there was so much variety back in those times when it came to design and patterns. And besides, the Victorians were always had high standards when it came to style and I hope to bring that into my design as I create it.


Personality was the other area that I decided to focus on in my project. What a person would bring to his/her picnic would depend on that person's perssonality. For example, a writer wouldn't bring a telescope with him to his picnic. A scientist would. Instead a writer would bring himself some ink, sheets of paper in addition to the usual picnic assortment. These little touches creates a mood and setting to the picnic that would unfold and this is something that I wish to incorporate into my design.

Personality: Lover. I have decided to choose the personality of a lover because whilst there there is some emotion involved, there are also an awesome variety that a lover might bring with him into his picnic. They could be (but not limited to) flowers, maybe a ring (if he is about to propose), papers and ink to write her some poetry or a love letter, etc.


Items is perhaps an obvious area of focus as every picnic needs some. The items that would be available would depend on the Personality of the persons involved and also the time period / setting that this picnic would take place in. 


Colors is also another obvious area and it is the color that brings out the vibrance, emotion and tone of the setting. I can't imagine a world without color. How boring would that be? Boo!


Patterns is also something that I look forward to incorporating in my design. Patterns evolved with age and time and they got more stylish and completed a look or rather, they perfected the perfect. I am super excited to work with patterns and see how they bring some light into the design. 

Started with the sketches and I made some of my concepts and ideas come to a bit of life. Hope to get on with a bit more sketching before getting myself onto Illustrator. 

PS: I am a terrible sketcher if you noticed and the scanner isn't all that helpful either when it comes to quality.

I had fun experimenting with the different tools in Illustrator. I am somewhat aware of most of the tools used in Ai however I decided to have a go at this unit just so that I could familiarize myself with the options that I have available. Will be adding to this over the next few days. 

Just started to play with Vectorizing my sketches. The above is just a completely raw vector with just the mere basics. As per the feed back from the others in the class, I will be focusing on the baskets. Will play around with the different tracing and drawing methods and will update within the next few days. 


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