Adria Kaufman

Graphic Designer and Illustrator




This class was super helpful! I use the pen tool a bit but somehow never learned to constrain the orientation of the handles nor how to plot points effectively! The pen tool is a bit of a struggle without those tips. I'm super excited now to practice this and get a better "handle" on illustrator. Ba-dum-tss! (sorry, it couldn't be helped really)   

Here is my sketch. I mostly stuck with it in the vectorization save for the swash on the "t".


Here are my handles. I'm amazed at how few you actually require when you use this technique.


Here's my finished piece. I combined this class with the shading technique I picked up from Jamie's Shading Letters class (which is also awesome, btw). I chose to keep my shading as a gradient because of coupling the word with photography. If I were doing pure illustration I would have changed the gradient to a grain effect which is the ultimate result in that class. 

Thanks, Jaime!



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