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Celda 211

I choose for this project a spanish movie i wanted to watch again, Celda 211, great movie about a riot in jail.

I took notes, nouns and verbs. Based on that, i start sketching some first approach, based on the title concept, a prision, and the main concern the film invite me to, police brutality.


After a few tries with a clear lack of success (i was already desperate, just drawing on the computer), I decided to look back at the class project guidelines. I realized i miss one step, write down main action in the movie and main emotion. So, to refresh my mind, i started to watch the movie again. After 10 minutes I found out my first impresion was superficial and empty of emotion.


The main feeling in the movie is tension. Things started to flow. I was going to use yellow. But what? The idea of the policemans fade out, i wanted to do somethin simple and clean. So i kept the idea about the cell, some heavy bars. As this tense emotion is pretty strong, i was wondering how to make this stress, an abstract concept, visible within the bars and the title. 


So, some tries after adding some hardness, i got the base (first image below). Nice start, but after some observation, i saw the red is too prominenece, the title too big and perhaps more deatils can be added. 




I realize missing the red was lost visual impact, so i finally ending adding some.


And some more, 


Big temptation not doing it, but think liking the most the less bloody one.

And that's it. Obiously my reference style is clear, but the important thing is learn and have fun, and i really did :)

Thanks for the course!


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