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Ceiba Tree


Here's a photo I took on a recent vacation to Belize. I chose to work with this photo because I think it has some strengths that I can build on.

For example, in real life, the yellow flowers along the fence line were much more vibrant and really popped against the landscape. I'd like to bring that back to the image I captured.

I also love the shadows and dimensions of the large (Ceiba) tree and I'd like to highlight that contrast a little more to bring that tree even more to the forefront. In contrast, I really like how soft the palm trees and the horizon are and I think I can do a little to soften and smooth out the sky... remove some of the striations created by the photo. 

I'll also probably remove that bird.

Any suggestions are welcome - "after" photo coming soon!


First Attempt:

Here's my first edit attempt. I think it's a little overdone, so I'm going to start again and dial everything back a bit.

I do like my work on the tree itself, so I'm going to try to replicate that again but keep the landscape a little softer. I also like the effect of adding a little depth to the field by desaturating the grass in the far background and then bring up the vibrance on the closer areas. Any ideas or suggestions are welcome!


2nd Attempt:

Here's a new version incorporating feedback from Mr. Danko I really like how adding the yellow to the clouds added depth - as did bringing down the exposure on the grass in the foreground.

I may keep tinkering with it, but I like where this is heading now.


One final change... after several months away, I finally remembered to log back in and finish this course... the "bonus" tips JP gave were wonderful. I made another edit to my photo using his dodge and burn trick. I think it had a nice impact on the sun's reflection off the clouds and the highlights on the trunk of the large tree. Final (final) edit below: 



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