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Cedar Grove Brewery & Tap

 Ceadr Grove Brewery & Tap, LLC

Capturing the local and thirsty mall shoppers' desire for unique malt beverages in a comfortable neighborhood microbrewery. 

This taproom is in the financing/startup phase. We have identified a location with high traffic counts and great visibility. We've built a sound financial pro forma and full business plan. We have had discussions with City staff and have their support - and are the only microbrewery in the area (others are 15+ miles away).

As we secure financing and equipment, we need to build our brand awareness and be prepared for opening our doors in August, 2014.

The extent of our FB posting activities have been surveymonkey "asks" for feedback on the name choices and buying habits of local "friends". As it was a total ask campaign, we really did not have a good response rate and so our sample size is very limited and we've needed to rely on more public data - building a "fan base" is critical as we move forward.

As the company begins operations, we will not have any product for sale for the next 6+ months. We will try to build our jabs during this time via FB posts - preparing for the big Right Hook when we open.

The challenge will be to build momentum without flooding the early followers...

1) Monthly leading to weekly to daily postings as we get closer to opening?

2) How do you keep people interested in the message? Have them help define a beer?

Thank you for the comments from those that have looked at our very early stage business. We are absorbing the content and mapping a plan to build out our social media strategy so haven't taken advantage of posting on many of those other platforms (yet).

Very positive!


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