Caviar - Dope UX

Caviar - Dope UX - student project

Let's be real, I am a food delivery junkie. The ease, the satisfaction of clicking a button or two and having delicious, carefully picked meals right at my door. Whether it's the option to avoid weather, people, COVID 19, and to cater to my munchie-foodie cravings, I cannot think of a type of app that SCREAMS the NEED for great UX. 

I have compared my experience navigating food delivery apps like Postmates, Ubereats, Doordash, and Grubhub to name the lot. I compared the level of ease in looking up the different types of food I  was craving, the level of ease and the amount of options I have for Wins like Free Delivery, the overall quality of the restaurant options I was being shown, and the attractiveness and overall feel of the apps design and layout between the different food delivery apps. 

It was a no-brainer which app was the best because all I had to ask myself was, which felt the best to use? Which offered better options? And most importantly, which would I most likely come back and use again? 

From the attractiveness and effectiveness of its interface and visuals, to the genius simplistic layout and design, and to the ability of suggesting good-ass quality food that are not gross chains like Mcdonalds or Panera bread, nothing pings the best UX award as Caviar. 

Caviar - Dope UX - image 1 - student project

When I open up the app, immediately at the top I am offered a side scroll of food type options (underlined in red) noted with attractive looking food options. This makes sorting for the types of foods I am craving easier as I am then shown what restaurants cater to that type of food. The graphic visuals allow me to see before reading which makes actual reading easier. 

I am then shown the food places that are nearest to me and thus, the shortest delivery wait time. This is important because by the time my mind is made up that I want to order out, my belly wants food N-O-W (not one to wait)

Caviar - Dope UX - image 2 - student project

                                     Caviar - Dope UX - image 3 - student project

Note that I am young, socially aware, and on a good day, health conscious. Caviar is very clever to suggest places that are run by women, and places that are healthier options as this caters to my ideals and it brings something more to the table than a quick-munchie fix. It pulls on my heartstrings and adds an empathic element to my decision making. Now, I am not only going to qualm my hunger pangs, but I am making decisions that have value to me and that is, I am supporting women run business, and at the same time, the food I am ordering is "healthy enough" and isn't healthy and supporting for a good cause all that matters in this day in age? 


Not only am I more convinced to order now because my morals and ethics are fueling my decision making, but come ON. It's a healthier option too?!


This last part is gonna blow your mind. It blew mind and now I can NOT refuse this offer. Notice in just three frames, all restaurants that are being suggest are FREE delivery. Basically, you get the food, pay for a service, and cut out the bull crap. I can't tell you how many times my order's total doubled from LUDICROUS delivery fees. 

Now I don't care what's your morals, politics, religion, or diet philosophy, everyone loves free because everyone loves the mental satisfaction of making a cheaper, thus better option when shopping for anything. 

Not to mention, Caviar offered TONS of free delivery options. So many I wonder how they're even making money in comparison to other food apps that charge ludicrous delivery fees such as Postmates or Ubereats, which only offer a handful. 


So now I am pinned against a the wall. I am offered socially aware, healthier, and now CHEAPER food options? Yes, yes, and YES! I am sold and I am coming back for more! Not to mention, the seamless design and layout has made all the task I have as a customer that much simpler.