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Cave monster

First of all, I would like to say that English is not my primary language, so you could find some grammar and vocabulary mistakes in the description of my project.

The three words that I chose are fear, venom and spikes.

I didn't plan how my character would look. I just started drawing an oval with a flatter base and began to add irregular spikes. Then I made the face drawing two angry eyes and a big mouth. I added a viper tongue to represent that my monster is venomous. I drew the paws, added horns, a wing and a thorny tail, which makes my character looks dangerous and scarier.

The result of my first attempt was a kind of overweight dragon.


I used a pen to ink the lineart, fill some areas and add shadows.


However, I was not completely happy with my monster because the thorns looked like fur and it wasn't scary at all. Also, the levels of detail were different in all the drawing: the tail was saturated of spikes while the face had a regularl level of detail and the rest of the body looked empty. So I started again.

I drew another oval and add radial spikes or something like that. I changed the shape of the eyes, the horns and the mouth, which is invisible except for the projecting teeth. I also remove the nose, the wings and the tail, and made the tongue longer and flexible.


I liked the new version of my monster because it looks scarier and more aggressive. I finished my monster using black ink and black and red markers.


I'm not good using markers so it looks strange, but I think the result is good.

I decided to call him 'cave monster' because he likes dark places and his thorns remind me of stalactites. I think it could work as an illustration for a tale for kids.


Thanks for take a look at my project and feel free to leave a comment!


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