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Andrew Alejandre

Owner/creative director.



Cave clothing brand.

Cave is a California based clothing brand that I gave life to while attending the Art Institute of California. In 2007 I was given the opportunity to intern at a large company, Tepa. It was then that I understood the educational path I needed to take and the actual title of my career choice. 

When I left home to attend college, I discovered streetwear and was instantly drawn to its creative art and various cultural backgrounds. While getting a degree in Graphic Design I created Cave.


 Cave represents bravery and courage to be able to evolve and adapt. The adventure that one is able to experience by going where no man has dared. Like many discovers before my time, I wanted to bring something new to the world that would encourage others to flourish and evolve to something meaningful. Caves are always evolving, as we humans should alway strive to do!



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