Cavallaro Family Crest

This project began with about 10 thumbnail sketches of ideas of what to include and playing around with different crest shapes. The important stuff was: our Italian heritage, our love of soccer, the Delaware River, Roman Catholic,. The strongest considerations were  how to create a design that 3 men would want to wear and not just because their mom/wife made it for them. So it couldn't be too hokey or too cute.

Here are some of the sketches






Here's the mood board


Working with these basic ideas, I came up with several shapes. Here is a shot of my original idea. I like to symmetry of the fork, but the pasta was too stiff and not noodly enough in my opinion. And I just didn't think the whole thing read very well or that my family would like it.


I experimented with a basil leaf laurel, but dropped the idea because I felt it was too busy.


The design eventually evolved into this draft


The tomato was supposed to represent a love for gardening/food/and Italian, but I decided it wasn't "manly" enough, and also the people were too cute. And what to do about that floating soccer ball?


Then it all finally hit me! I settled on 4 stars to represent the 4 members of our family but also to mean Cuarto Stella (The number of times the Italians won the World Cup) and then went with colors of Napoli soccer team (light and dark bllue) The original meatball on the fork from my earlier draft just did not work opposite the soccer ball. There was just too much symmetry. Hence the noodles and meatball spilling out of the space. My favorite part of the project is that they are actually wearing it!


This was a labor of love and a great project! Thank you Draplin

Feedback much appreciated!


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