Causehub - student project

The Buyers:

  1. School students from elementary school up to high school.
  2. College students all over the world.
  3. Schools wanting to introduce global and local, social based blogging to their students.
  4. Ngo’s, Charities and Social entrepreneurs




  1. Ngos Charities and  Social entrepreneurs  
  2. Bloggers
  3.  Experts e.g Alcohol abuse , children education experts. 


2.   Selfish reasons for each group to contact their friends and networks:


1.     School students, College students will visit my site to read the content posted by other readers and members

2.     All students will visit my site to learn about other causes, promote their cause, and support other causes by commenting or buying products that support those charities.  

3.     Bloggers will use the site to inform and expand their readership.

4.     Schools will use the site to get their students to interact with other students locally, nationally and internationally. This, they will do by using the power of blogging.

5.     All groups will contact their friends and networks to use and promote events on the event map.



        4.     What could I charge each group.

                  I was planning to make it free.



  1. Why would the players need this service?  

 Our age group wants to make a difference. Smaller Ngo’s and Charities in the third  world countries need a platform like this, to inform and raise funds. Bloggers in this space want to increase readership. Want to be bloggers will use this platform to become bloggers. Schools want to make their kids global citizens. They also want their kids to know of causes .  We are great age group to target.