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Caught in the Mists of Belgium's High Fens

In retrospect this is my favourite in-between moment of my recent bicycle tour. In September 2014 three friends of mine and I followed the Vennbahn - a former railroad track that has been turned into a nice bike path in the border triangle of Germany, Belgium and Luxemburg. After having covered a distance of about 85 km since our start in Aachen we stayed at a rustic place called Baraque Michel in the High Fens near the highest spot in Belgium. I took this picture in the morning of the second day.

We woke up early only to find the whole high plain covered in dense fog. My friends all seem indecisive waiting for breakfast to be served, pondering about the wheather conditions and our impending downhill ride. What we did not know then was that a sign that we were to encounter later on marked the road as a dead end. We took the chance, however, and it turned out to be a most memorable descent. Still I won't dare to think what would have happened, if he had gotten into a dead end, maybe ending at a closed bridge.


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