Cattails and Neighborhood Discovery

This assignment taught me A LOT about making arrangements and showed me a side of my neighborhood I'd never seen before. After watching the video, I visited the 28th street flower market for the first time - despite living just 2 blocks south for a few years(!). I went on a Sunday and unfortunately they only sell loose flowers Mon-Sat, but I'll definitely be back soon.

Creating the arrangement was definitely more challenging than I expected, but I feel like I have the basic concepts in mind for my next go around. The most challenging parts by far were: 1) how to create balance without necessarily using the same amount of each component and 2) finding the texture items - for better or worse I only found cattails, but I'd love to know if there are any creative alternatives.

Thanks so much!!

+ another arrangement I made for a birthday present - hydrangeas are delicate flowers!


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