Cats of the World, Unite!

The 9 CAT commandments for start-up companies.

We Can Do It!

Cats have been said to have 9 lives. Cats have adapted certain skills that help them survive events that you would think would have killed others. New businesses also need to be resilient, be able, when they get to the point where you think they would have died, to bounce back and overcome. Cats have certain traits that can be applied to anyone looking to start a business in that when you run a business you want be agile, patient, independent, demanding, cautious, and something the internet likes. Know when to hunt, when to eat, and when to rest and see and hear better than the competition. But mostly, you need to learn how to land on your feet after you take a fall.


Commandment 1: Be Agile

Cats are quick and nimble, with the ability to jump 5X their height and make turns on a dime. It is important to engage “cat like reflexes” when you are starting a new business. You may have an idea of what you want to do, but remember to always be flexible. As technology and trends advance the ideas you have may also need to transform to align with what the future will look like. If you can’t adapt and quickly, you business will suffer.


Commandment 2: Be Patient

As natural predators cats will stalk their prey until the moment is right to strike. Like a cat stalking a mouse it is imperative to wait and stalk your prospects and try not to pounce at the wrong time or wrong opportunity. Timing is everything, you don’t want to jump onto something too early and miss it completely.


Commandment 3: Be Independent

Cats can be social and often live in groups; however, they do not need these groups to survive. It is important when starting a business to not be too interdependent on another company or technology. Being able to work with others to help you get where you want to be, but keeping your business independent enough to make changes, as you need them, will serve the company in the long run.


Commandment 4: Be demanding

Cats don’t beg, they demand. You have to act like you belong when meeting with potential clients and partners. No one will take you seriously unless you take you seriously. You need to be prepared and professional when going into a meeting, but don’t be afraid to be confident in your product and demand what you need to get your business off the ground.


Commandment 5: Be cautious

Cats tend to be suspicious of things that seem too good to be true. If you put a cat’s water next to it’s food, it will not drink the water because it is suspicious. Being careful and thorough is important when making business decisions, you want to make sure you understand all of the risks and challenges that come with choosing to take one action over another. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, so make sure you step carefully as you build your business.


Commandment 6: Be something the internet likes

Cats have become internet viral sensations in so many ways. You have to know that not all products will be accepted and embraced by all. But you should trust that if the content and ideas are there, you just have to seek out your audience. If you can create something that people can be passionate about, they can become advocates of your product and help you succeed.


Commandment 7: Know when to eat, when to hunt, and when to rest

Cats are notorious for how much they sleep. But they sleep to get up the massive amount of energy they need to hunt. Building a business is not easy and you have to work very hard, very fast. Yet, you also need to know when to take a step back and evaluate. As markets shift, so may your business needs. So while building and consuming the things you need to make the business run, make sure to take some time to rest and evaluate where you are going.


Commandment 8: See and hear better than the competition

Cat eyes can see in 1/6 the level of light that a human can see in and cat ears can hear ultrasonic sounds. From these 2 traits cats have found their nocturnal hunting niche. Figure out what you excel at and make those the focus of your business. It is important to know what can set your business apart from the competition and focus on things that you are good at.

Commandment 9: Know how to land on your feet


Having an incredible sense of balance and direction, cats are able to get their feet underneath themselves when falling. Being prepared to fall is key when starting your own venture. You have to feel yourself going down before you hit the floor and find a way to land on your feed. You will have to shift the business in directions you were not expecting, but knowing that you will fail at some point and having the wherewithal to sense when those moments are happening, will be the difference between failure and success.


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