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Cats & Woodsy Leaves

Hi All! (sorry for my english:)) I was really happy to start this class! And i'm trying Illustrator for the first time, so i was really exited to start this project too! I'm really love cat's and i like all this cozy woodsy atmosphere so my first patterns are about this topics. Then i put it all that on iphone case of course:) This is my first try, so

I will be very glad if you like it;)

First wipped up sketch! 



...and put it on case!)

And my next pattern is about forest theme;)

Again sketch!

and then bring a little life to it;)

and put it on a case!:)

So, again, i will be very glad if you like it, and very appreciate your opinion in the comments!)

Have a nice day and thanx to Elizabeth for really great and interesting class.


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