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Cats Sleep Fat

My project will be this line from the poem "Catalogue" by Rosalie Moore: Cats sleep fat and walk thin. Just choosing a phrase has been a challenge - I have a fair sized list of possibles, and even after deciding to go with this one, I keep having the urge to change. (Just like trying to find a science project to do in 4th grade...a very unpleasant memory from my childhood!)

I've started a Pinterest board to use as a mood board for this project. I love midcentury graphics and design (we live in a midcentury modern house). Trying not to focus too much on cats (yet!) which is hard b/c there is a lot of great cat stuff out there.

Zwicky poster - 50s ad for yarn. Love the sahpe of the cat, the turquois and purple.   1958 magazine cover - that is one rakish cat. Look at his red nose and yellow eyes...and those teeth!

Julie Paschkis - how I love her art!   OUTDOOR GIRL FACE POWDER TIN - Love the colors, the jaunty woman, the linked OO's and font. 

Hipster Script Pro - Type

 14 bottles of beer on the wall

 Live better in a house of your own! #vintage #1950s #family #homes #houses #ads

I'm thinking of this project as the cover for a book of vintage cat images.

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