Cats In Myths : Completed

Cats In Myths : Completed - student project

Update 1: Intro

 I decided to do something in relation to cats since they're my motif! I'm giving this a shot, but in a different direction. For my mind map I went with four various ideas and leaned torward mythology. I found the fun thing about myths is the uncertainty of what is real and what isn't, so there's a lot of fair game. Although, they're many stories of cats in myths I nailed it down to those most noticeable. The purpose was to not over think it myself and  have easier identification for others.

Cats In Myths : Completed - image 1 - student project

What I choose was:

  • 14th-18th Century Europe Witchhunts - Resentment
  • Norse Goddess Freya's Cats - Fortitude
  • Japan's Maneki-Neko - Adoration
  • Greek Mythology Galanthis - Shame

For the project I want to tie cat's with a certain emotion of how they were portrayed in that time period. Plus to use predominate colors within those eras, but I found some repetition in the palettes. So I'm trying to find a balance between colors that fit the myth's era while portraying that emotion!

Here is my collage of inspirational art peices I found recently in the meantime!
All artwork is copyrighted to respected artists.

Cats In Myths : Completed - image 2 - student project

Update 2: Sketches

From the get go I wanted to create the speak bubble emoticons. However from sketching Ive decided to do both speak bubbles and cat faces! Here are my sketchs so far

Cats In Myths : Completed - image 3 - student project

I was thinking of starting with cat faces to test out my color pallettes. That way I can see what fits where the best and edit as I progress. I utilized kuler majority as a starting point and took in other colors from various advertisments. I'll post more about colors in next update.

Update 3: Colors

These are the colors I plan to mess with to start my project. I will probably limit some of them as I experiment!

Resentment - Cats In Myths : Completed - image 4 - student project

Shame - Cats In Myths : Completed - image 5 - student project

Adoration - Cats In Myths : Completed - image 6 - student project

Fortitude - Cats In Myths : Completed - image 7 - student project

Update 4: More Color

Finalizing some things and going with 6 colors!

Cats In Myths : Completed - image 8 - student projectCats In Myths : Completed - image 9 - student project

Update 5 : Cat Head Start!

Realizing that I mistook our assignment for just creating bubble icons so Ive altered my final project again! I'm still creating the cat heads first, but afterwards use the silhouette of the heads to create a image inside it. 

I finally have fortitude up! There was some trouble because I wanted to protray freya's cat as blue, but it clashed to much with shame. After doing these it makes me really want to  give them bodies! Might have to do that for the future. Also chances are that it will be awhile before I finish the scenes in their heads due to work.

Cats In Myths : Completed - image 10 - student project

If anybody has any feedback for me in the meantime just let me know!

Update 6 : Cat Circles

I'm back and have created the circle icons/portraits of these cats! Six colors I realized was a lot to work with, but I like how these have turned out. The images will now be placed in the cat heads and then my project will be completed!

Cats In Myths : Completed - image 11 - student project

Update 7: Cat Heads

Alright, I have completed my cat heads. My designs have a multitude of heavy strokes and I might lay off doing that for future reference. Focus more on shapes or a better equalibrium to it. Overall though this was great experimentation!

First up are all 4 of my designs before editing in photoshop.

Adoration and Resentment

Cats In Myths : Completed - image 12 - student project

Shame and Fortitude

Cats In Myths : Completed - image 13 - student project

Last I present my photoshop edited and final images!

They look more like badges, but without any type. Wrapping up I'd say the colors and design are to be more of a modernized look of cats in myths. It's very saturated and doesn't mimic an old faded look. However, I tryed textures and brushes to compensate that.

Cats In Myths : Completed - image 14 - student projectCats In Myths : Completed - image 15 - student project

Cats In Myths : Completed - image 16 - student projectCats In Myths : Completed - image 17 - student project

This was really a great project and I hope my images were able to get the message across. Thanks so much!

Kodi Kat
Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Maximum Cattitude