Cats & Coffee | Skillshare Projects

Cats & Coffee

Doodle exercises:

I really like doodling eyes closed. The pen over paper did sound like shovelling snow, I couldn't unhear that any more! In these random lines I created I kinda see a face in it.

Some doodles while turning the paper once a while. I liked the cat from and used this one in my final piece.

My two cats were around my while I was drawing so I started drawing cats.

Then I think I got hungry/thirsty cause I started drawing food and coffee.

Final piece:

After I traced the image I found out I had some open spaces so I had to close them with illustrator. I had a bit of struggle with finding the right colours. I would love to have some feedback on my colours and maybe my composition form Jon or my classmates.

I'd hope you like my project. I'm defeintly doing this again sometime cause it was really fun to do!


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