Cats AND Geometry | Skillshare Projects

Aniek De Rooij

Music Producer from Rotterdam



Cats AND Geometry

I am an electronic musician and stumbled across a great project Joshua did for Phantogram. In the future I'm planning on using the generated animations as visual art for my live shows. 

I started producing some geometric shapes in illustrator. They are all based on the same hexagon, but distorted. 

First, I used the HColorField and some line-shapes. But did not find the result very interesting. I did like the way the ColorField works with the lines. I should find a way to make the lines interact with each other. 

So i decided to create some different shapes and experiment with the code. I made a moving circle shape using HOscillator. 

Working on integrating some cat pictures, I want to dive further into really knowing what I'm doing whith the code. Combining both HShape and HImage is not really working for me right now.


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